2022 Fashion Forecast

These Fashion Trends are Defining 2022. As the fog of 2020-2021 is lifting in the boutique world, you won't have to entirely give up your sweats! Lucky for you, soft clothes are still a part of the 2022 Forecast. 

The biggest player in fashion trends is Nostalgia though. With Y2K peaking more than ever, this summer and fall have plenty of trends up ahead. From vivid colors and bold silhouettes (remember bubble dresses?) to fun accessories. Think platform shoes and more-is-more jewelry. If you are here for the color, purple is the hue of the year! everything from deep violet to lavender. 

Trend #1

Sweats 2.0

Trend #2

Voluminous Silhouettes


Trend #3

Platform Shoes

Trend #4


Trend #5

Regencycore {Corsets, pearls, lady cardigans, and prim florals}

Trend #6


Trend #7

The Brami {Bra/Cami}

Trend #8

Bright Bags

Inspired by Refinery29.com


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