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We pulled some of our favorite accessories that you can’t live without in 2019! 

First on our list are the most popular bags for this year. Some of the major trends right now are incorporating animal prints and textures. We found the most adorable circle purse with a crocodile texture! And if your in need of a statement clutch to elevate your outfit, a leopard print is the way to go. Finally we have the mini backpack. We love this bag because it’s stylish and so convenient! A simple leather backpack with cute detailing is the perfect investment. It goes with any outfit and you’ll have it forever!

The next trend you probably seen almost everywhere, the scrunchie! This blast from the past comes in so many fun prints and fabrics, it’s the perfect way to change up your up do.

Check out some more fabulous trends below!

Crocodile Circle Crossbody bag

Boho Skinny Head Wrap

Leopard Clutch

Round & Round Earrings

Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

Velvet Scrunchie

Tamaron Tan Backpack


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